Projects and Works

These are some of the projects I've participated in during my time in NTUST and NTNU, including works done in class and those independent with various labs or individuals. Details or thorough descriptions of some work could not be released due to confidentiality agreements.

School of Arts @NTNU, Feb 2023 ~ Present (Ongoing)
SetterVision presents an attempt to overcome existing shortcomings on tactical training of volleyball setters which are not adequately addressed by current technology-incorporated solutions by designing a generalized VR system optimized to provide a better experience. These include space constraints, the lack of teammates and opponents, and the translation from tactic board to first-person gameplay. (C#, Unity 3D, AR/VR/XR)

School of Arts @NTNU, Oct 2021 ~ Present (Ongoing)
We create TeleSHift, a 3-D tangible user interface (TUI) with a telexisting communication framework for group-based collaboration. We present a larger-scaled proof-of-concept prototype providing hands-on operation for shape-based interactions, and is used to support cooperative tasks with telexistence while enabling the linkage of manipulable bits to provide a better user experience and interactivity. (Arduino, C++, Unity 3D, C#, 3D Printing)

Department of Design @NTUST, Jul 2018 ~ Dec 2019
Thinking at the perspective of one who is hard of hearing, we devote ourselves into finding another method to present the magic of music. Through various experiments trying to make a connection between the auxiliary device and the user, we developed a way to visualize sound and give support to those who are unable to enjoy the beat and the melody through their ears, to connect them with the musical album we created. (Arduino, C++)

Department of CSIE @NTUST, Apr 2020 ~ Jan 2022
This work proposes a one-shot-all-sink layout generator with a mechanism to specify targeted difficulty for billiard games. Our system encapsulates collision sequences with L-system for systematic and hierarchical description and transforms them to portfolios, geometric configurations, and final plausible layouts with geometric and physical parameters while having MCTS explore and search plausible layout of the targeted difficulty. (Unity3D, C#)

Department of Electrical Eng. @NTUST, Sep 2020 ~ Jan 2022
Using the perspective of sport broadcasts we convert the view and crop its boundaries to only the playing area, which may be useful in exhibition matches where top-down perspectives are hard to obtain for end-of-game analysis. We further extended the system to enable auto-scoring for pool games, as in some variants the scoring is quite complex with color detection posing a great challenge. (Python)

Individual Project, Jul 2021 ~ Aug 2021 (Ongoing)
VariaNFT is a no-code tool for NFT creators. With VariaNFT, you can create a series of NFTs with only SVG and CSV files , designed for people who need to make a lot of NFTs while slight differences between each of them. Some applications are member cards, personal gifts and tickets, with many more to be discovered. VariaNFT utilizes the use of ERC721, Rarible Protocol and to deploy your NFTs. (React, JS)

Department of CSIE @NTUST, Mar 2021 ~ Apr 2021
Designed to be a fun mini-game suitable for all kinds of players regardless of their gaming experience. The main goal of the game is to gain points by successfully destroying as many enemy bots as possible while surviving attacks in a limited time. Colliding with crates randomly falling from the sky would nerf the player by slowing movement speed or buff the player by giving various different items.  (Unity3D, C#)

Department of CSIE @NTUST, Sep 2021 ~ Oct 2021
An Image Editor written in C++ with the FLTK GUI toolkit implementing various effects on images. The editing program allows the loading of one or more images and performs various operations on them, and could be considered as a miniature photoshop. Multiple pixel-level manipulation techniques on images are implemented in this project, including dithering, grayscale, quantization, filtering, resizing, rotation, and compositing. (C++, FLTK)

Department of CSIE @NTUST, Oct 2021 ~ Dec 2021
In this project, a tiny amusement park is created by exploring 3D modelling, rendering techniques, shader functions, lighting calculations, and interactive controls provided by OpenGL, GLSL, and FLTK. Objects implementing various techniques are present in the three different scenes as can be shown in the picture roll, with the scenes being fully interactive with keyboard and mouse inputs providing a pleasant experience. (C++, OpenGL, GLSL, FLTK)

Department of Design @NTUST, Feb 2021 ~ Jul 2021
An ocean-friendly in-home speaker made with recycled marine debris, such as abandoned fishing gears and plastic bottles, not only used as a Bluetooth speaker but also bringing the ocean waves indoors, podcasting the unique sound of coastlines. This innovative design delivers the concept of ocean-friendliness and provokes reflection on the importance of environmental protection. (Raspberry Pi, Python)